Workshop for camera beginners

30 SEPTEMBER  2018   |   BERN

Photography workshop for beginners - fun, creative and inspirational.

​Shooting in automatic modes all the time and never tried other ones because you don’t have a clue what they do? Then this workshop is for you.


If you want to take the next step, learn photography the right way and take consistently great pictures, our workshop will teach you how to discover the joy of using the camera in its manual settings whilst taking great shots and enjoy it! You will NOT sit inside the meeting room reading slides and trying to understand the theory, we will be outside with our cameras practicing and shooting great pictures! You will love it - we guarantee it!


We will cover:



  • learn your camera - basic functions

  • aperture, shutter speed, ISO

  • correct exposure and creatively correct exposure

  • depth of field, focal length, lenses

  • white balance

  • focusing and focus points

  • creative photography techniques
    (subject isolation, freezing the action, motion, panning, zooming and more)



  • basic of composition - rule of thirds, using of horizontal line

  • breaking the rule of thirds

  • elements of design and how to use them

  • creative composition techniques
    (frame in the frame, negative space, filling the frame, reflections)

  • working your subject, different angles/points of view


... and of course any individual needs, problems and questions

Learn by practising and you can be sure you will soon take control of your camera and make not a snapshot but THE image! Plus, have fun and fantastic experience and take great photographs!


Style of the workshop: group of 4 or more (maximum 8)


  • no prior photography knowledge needed

  • digital DSLR camera or a digital compact with manual settings

  • memory card(s) 

  • fully charged battery

  • enthusiasm and comfortable shoes :-)

What is also included:

  • experienced instructor

  • valuable workshop materials (40+ pages)

  • water and snack

  • assignment/homework after the workshop to practise individually everything we have learned and written or video feedback 

  • access to the closed Facebook group (for workshop participants only!)  - we do have this group to keep in touch with everyone and share photos, photo experience and to answer any questions anytime after the workshop 

Date: 30 September 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 8:30 - 12:30

Place: Bern center

Price: 239 CHF 
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Cancellation policy: Last moment change of plans? No problem, just let us know asap. Your payment is non refundable, but can be fully used for next workshop.

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