Portrait II
/beyond basics/


Photo Walk/Workshop  - intensive 2.5 hours photography class for camera people.

Different topics, different locations, great experience and fantastic pictures.

Theme: Portrait II /beyond basics/

We will cover:

•    working with subject  / a little about posing
•    more about camera settings and lenses / exposure correction
•    background / bokeh
•    more about portrait composition 
•    movement in portraits
•    working with light - use of diffuser, reflector
•    use of simple prop, accessories 



Style of the walk/workshop: 

group of 4 or more, but maximum of 10 – group is limited to be sure everyone will have a chance to shoot and practice

Requirements: Camera with your lenses (bring all you have if you have more), charged battery(ies), memory card(s), comfortable clothes/shoes. 


What is also included:

  • two experienced instructors

  • models (non-professional) - two models are guaranteed (two sessions/locations for different
    photo experience)

  • valuable workshop materials (8+ pages)

  • my workflow - selection of best images after the session + few editing tips video

  • soft drink and snack

  • access to the private Facebook group (for workshop/walk participants only!) - we do have this group to keep in touch with everyone and share photos, photo experience and to answer any questions anytime after the workshop 

  • extra smile :-)

Language: English

Our 'model' is non-professional so we will work in a real situation and he or she will sign up a model release. As a thank you he/she will get some of the images taken on the workshop. I kindly ask every participant to make his selection and send me 2-3 images to be given to the model, no later than 2 weeks after the workshop.

​Interested? Contact us: info@pixien.eu 


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