Online Photo Club for kids


Online Photo Club for kids
10 days photo challenge!

OK, so kids are at home and you are looking for ways how to keep them constructively busy. We are parents too, so we understand, but we are also experienced photographers and photo instructors and creative guys :-) In this online Photo Club we've put together our 4 years experience of running after school photo clubs for kids at various schools, our 8 years experience with running online classes - and well - experience of being parents at home with kids.

How it works:

  • Every morning you will receive by email your materials according to the photo theme (prepared in an easy-to-understand way with pictures as examples) to learn something new and interesting plus daily "assignment". It can be parent's or kid's email - up to your decision.

  • Children will have a full day to take images based on a given theme/subject/challenge. Children can work on it individually, with siblings or together as a family! Family members are included in one subscription :)

  • Share your work with us by the evening - please pick 2 - 3 photos only, try to pick your best work! Images can be sent back to us by email and if you want, you can also became a member of our Photo Club FB group where we will share some images too.

  • Repeat it for the next 10 days and have fun! :)

We won't be providing individual feedback to each photo, but we will be be discussing generally achievements and encourage children to work on their next 
assignments. We might pick and share few images online, as an example of the work - totally anonymous of course. 


How will assignments look like:
Daily photo challenge will be a short two-three pages description on the topic with a few examples made by us and/or our students in the previous photo clubs. Eventually we might also prepare a video to explain the topic and technique. Each assignment will also include the description of any required materials (no worries, easy stuff we usually carry at home such as paper, markers, kitchen utensils, some Lego figures etc...)

Instructors and photographers: Monika and Patrik Banas (parents of 14 and 11 years old).

What is also included:

  • time and place flexibility - fully ONLINE class


Starting date: Friday, April 3, 2020

Duration: 10 days (we will officially wrap-up on Sunday April 12)

Price: 49 CHF per family (all kids and parents within one household)

Payment online

​Interested? Any questions? Contact us for more info:

Example of Photo Challenges

  • hunt for colors

  • everyday details

  • cool abstracts

  • unusual (self) portrait

  • optical illusions

  • kitchen art

  • LEGO story 

  • reflections

  • make your own poster

  • painting with the light

  • ... etc

Course Requirements:
- any camera including mobile phones, tablets, point and shoots etc...

- computer with internet connection


Age Recommendation:

7 - 17 years. We have been running photo classes with children as of 7 years old through 17. Obviously we are encouraging you to be involved and help younger children with downloading materials and sharing images back...

What parents say about our online photo club?
Great idea! One big thumb up for Monika and Patrik. You've created an amazing course for kids - how to photograph. This is not about setting up an aperture, but how "to see"!

George P. and Viki (9y)

Julie joined Photoclub for kids and I highly recommend it. This really works great!
Susanne R. and Julie (14y)

We are all so excited!
Jacob M. and Daniel (3.5y)

To sign up kids to photography course was fantastic idea! They love it!
Lenka R. and Krystof (12y) and Tyna (16y)


All our materials are copyrighted and provided to use within "Online Photo club for kids - 10 day photo challenge" for all household members, who will purchase this course. Please DO NOT copy, share and publish the materials (they are copyrighted and for your private use only), it really is not nice, but we will appreciate your support - share this course and idea with your friends and families. They are welcome to sign-up too!.


We are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this course please notify us within 2 days of your course start date. We will refund your fee in full, no questions asked.

All pictures in the gallery were taken by our talented young students at Photo Clubs. Thank you!

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