Star trails

AUGUST 25 or 26   |   REMAUFENS

Photo Walk / Workshop - intensive 3 hours photography class for camera people.

Different topics, different locations, great experience and fantastic pictures.

Theme: Star trails & night sky

We will cover:

  • what are star trails and where to look for them

  • shooting star trails

  • more about night photography / stars

  • tough low light conditions and how to focus

  • composite shots (how to create one image from several shots)

We are planning this Photo walk soon after a new moon, so it will be all about the star trails, however small amount of moon light will help us to lighten the scene.

Style of the workshop: group of 4 or more (maximum 12)

Requirements: Camera with your lenses, charged battery(ies), memory card(s), warm and comfortable clothes/shoes. Tripod is a must*. Cable release for this Photo walk is recommended, but optional (see below)**. Water and small snack is recommended. 

What is also included:

  • experienced instructor

  • video manual, how to process pictures and create wonderful image full of star trails

  • access to the closed Facebook group (for workshop/walk participants only!) - we do have this group to keep in touch with everyone and share photos, photo experience and to answer any questions anytime after the workshop 

  • hot tea and extra smile

Date: Friday 25 August 2017 (backup based on the weather situation - Saturday 26 August 2017)

Time: 20.30 - 23:30

Place: Remaufens

Price: 100 CHF to be paid on the spot, but advanced booking is required!***

(80,- with the voucher, two "walks" will be deducted)

​Interested? Contact us: 

* We have few tripods to borrow, if you need one, let us know in advance

** To photograph star trails, cable remote control is a great tool for your camera. You can get them very cheap when buying online. And knock off versions for a fraction of the price works very well for years. Consult your manual, google your camera type together with "cable release" or contact us for support. Each type of camera has specific connector, so you have to buy for your camera. Here's an example for some Canon cameras. In case you will not have cable release, we will "hack" the camera and will find a working solution...


***Cancellation policy:

If your plans change, you can cancel anytime by sending an email to

Cancellations more than 48 hours prior the event are free of charge. If cancelled later than 48 hours prior the event or in case of no show up, an invoice for 25CHF will be issued.

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